Daeron Targaryen

"Pfft, that's barely two-hundred yards, of course I can make the shot. In fact, I'm willing to wager 10 gold dragons on it!"


Age: 21 (Adult)
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Silver
Nickname: The Dragonfly
Theme: “The Warmth” by Incubus

House: Targaryen
Motivations: Lust, Wonder, Curiosity
Virtues: Joyous, Loyal
Vices: Arrogant, Licentious
Destiny Points: 1
Possessions: Daeron’s Harp (dragonbone longbow), double-curved bow, longsword, stiletto, ring mail armor, royal’s garb (3000ss), courser, ring mail barding, heavily ornamental full-plate armor, 85 gold dragons.


  • Discover and explore somewhere completely new, such as an ancient castle of Valyria or the Andals.
  • Hone my skills with a bow, gaining the renown and skill to rival Bloodraven or Anguy the Archer.
  • Find a woman fascinating enough to hold my attention for more than a single night, and make her my wife.
  • Recruit other members to Daeron’s secret, pro-Rhaegar organization.
  • Discover the identity of the bandit in the stag-horned helmet, as well as the identities of the two men who pulled him from the battlefield.
  • Seduce Cersei Lannister. Again.
  • Seduce Asha Greyjoy.


  • Duncan Reld, heir of House Reld of Phoenix Rise and Daeron’s childhood partner-in-crime. Daeron and Duncan were best friends growing up, though they have grown apart since Duncan’s abduction and change of personality.
  • Rhaegar Targaryen, king of the Seven Kingdoms and Daeron’s cousin. Though not particularly close, Rhaegar is said to have some amount of affection for his talented (if flighty and eccentric) young cousin.
  • Oberyn Martell, Prince of Sunspear and member of the Kingsguard. Daeron and Oberyn first met during Robert’s Rebellion, and became fast friends, going out drinking and trolling for women as a fearsome two-man party team.
  • Cersei Lannister, daughter of Lord Tywin Lannister and wife of Lord Stannis Baratheon. Daeron first met Cersei at Casterly Rock, while she was visiting her father and he was on his way to Pyke on the King’s business. They seduced one another and shared a great many secrets back and forth… and Daeron appreciates her significant talent between the sheets.

Daeron is the picture of Valyrian grace and elegance; his hair is the shining, flawless silver of the Targaryen line and his eyes are a striking and exotic shade of purple that most women find nothing short of irresistible. More often than not, Daeron is more than happy to use this to his advantage, maintaining an adolescent outlook on life despite his emergence into adulthood. He is quick to smile and laugh and loves to drink and have a good time, further setting himself apart from the devout (and sometimes almost dour) residents of Phoenix Rise. This has made him an absolute hit with the younger residents of Lord Reld’s lands, and even the most disapproving adult is hesitant to reprimand a member of the royal family.

In battle, Daeron uses his dragonbone longbow (which he jokingly refers to as his “harp”) to absolutely frightening effect, preferring to keep his distance from his opponents and drill them full of arrows. When a foe does manage to close the distance, Daeron prefers to wield a longsword, and although his talents with a blade are not exceptional he can usually hold his own.

Ability Rating Specialties
Agility 3
Animal Handling 1
Athletics 2 Strength 1B
Awareness 4 Notice 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 3
Endurance 2
Fighting 2 Long Blade 1B
Healing 2 Squeamish -1B
Knowledge 2
Language (Common Tongue) 3
Language (High Valyrian) 1
Marksmanship 5 Bows 2B
Persuasion 4 Seduce 4B, Charm 2B
Status 7 Breeding 1B
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 2
Attack Test Dice Weapon Damage Notes
Daeron’s Harp 5D +1B +1 7 Piercing 2, Powerful, Long Range, Two-handed, Unwieldy, Vicious
Double-curved Bow 5D +1B +1 4 Long Range, Powerful, Two-handed
Longsword 2D +1B +1 3
Stiletto 2D +1 2 Piercing 2
Quality Effect
Blood of Valyria Before engaging in Intrigue, Daeron’s Status counts as one rank higher for the purposes of influencing a target without fully engaging in an Intrigue. Tests for Persuasion to Intimidate gain a +2. Passive Endurance is a +2 to resist fire or heat.
Double Shot As a Greater Action, Daeron may fire two arrows at once. Roll two tests using full Marksmanship, but take -1D on each test. Daeron may fire the arrows at the same target or at two different targets.
Famous Daeron is known throughout the Seven Kingdoms, both as a member of the royal bloodline and due to his own exploits during Robert’s Rebellion. When rolling Persuasion to Charm or Seduce, Daeron can convert a number of Bonus dice into Test dice equal to his Status.
Wealthy At the beginning of each month, Daeron may make an Easy (3) Status check. Success grants him 10 Gold Dragons, multiplied by his degree of success.
Intrigue Combat
Intrigue Defense 13 Combat Defense 9
Composure 6 Health 6
Injuries: 0 Armor Rating 4
Wounds: 0 Armor Penalty -2

When he turned 12 years old, Daeron’s cousin presented him with a rather sizable box as a gift on his birthday. Inside the brightly-wrapped package was a beautiful longbow carved from dragonbone.

Having heard no end of his aunt complaining about her son’s lack of talent with the harp (a noble skill that she attempted to force her son into picking up, despite his complete lack of interest or natural talent), Rhaegar Targaryen (then the Prince of the Seven Kingdoms) had decided to intervene as gently as he could. “Perhaps this is a harp more to your liking, Daeron. I hope you’ll learn how to play it well.”

Over the next several years, Daeron did not disappoint. He spent nearly every spare moment honing his talent with the bow; it took him a full two years before he could even manage to fully draw the bow, but so much practice had shown him to be a talented marksman.

By the time the Baratheons and Starks raised their banners in revolt against King Aerys (later called the Mad King), Daeron was one of the best snipers in Phoenix Rise. He gladly agreed to go into the field of battle alongside his friend and partner in adolescent crime, Duncan Reld, viewing this whole “war” business as the opportunity for a grand adventure.

Though even Daeron’s sunny disposition couldn’t fully erase the horrors of a bloody war, they effected him less than most, and he was not disappointed with the adventure he found. When the young Lord Duncan was lost (and presumed dead), Daeron was forced to go on the run and flee southward. He spent several months evading military patrols and trying to hide his distinctive Valyrian features, until finally he reached the Martell front lines near Storm’s End. There he revealed himself, and was spirited further south to meet up with his Cousin Rhaegar, now by all rights the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Daeron’s time in Dorne was well-spent; he bounced from one beautiful dusky-skinned woman’s bed to the next, eager to sate his omnipresent thirst for women on a new and exotic flavor. Though he saw a handful of battles after this point, none were as heated as the encounters that he’d had further north, and he would consider his time fighting with the Dornishmen of House Martell to be something of a vacation.

Daeron’s lackadaisical approach to warfare earned him a disparaging nickname amongst the Dornishmen; they took to referring to him, out of earshot, as “the Dragonfly” due to his tendency to strike from afar and to never stay in one place for very long. When Daeron caught wind of the nickname, he loved it; despite the playfully-insulting nature of the sobriquet, Daeron thought that it fit him perfectly.

Once peace had been negotiated and the war had come to an end, Daeron decided to return to the place of his childhood; Phoenix Rise was a sprawling castle in the Mountains of the Moon, full of devout knights and willing girls. After hearing of how House Reld had raised their banners in his name, Rhaegar granted his cousin his request and sent him northward again as a sort of royal emissary and ambassador.

Much to his relief, Daeron soon found that his new position did not come with very many responsibilities. The majority of the time, he was free to come and go as he pleased, roaming the mountains with a small retinue of guards and associates in search of long-lost settlements and castles and caches of artifacts from bygone eras.

When Daeron happened to spot his lost friend, Lord Duncan Reld, during one of his roaming journeys, he barely recognized him. Never having been a particularly fearful individual, Daeron managed to use his bravado and way with words to convince his retinue to make a rescue attempt. Using his Harp, Daeron slew no less than 12 of the mountain clansmen that were holding his old friend while the others rushed the camp to retrieve the captive lordling.

The rescue was a success, with the heroes of the day suffering no wounds more grievous than a few scrapes and cuts. Daeron was uninterested in being hailed as a hero; the thrill of the rescue was more than enough reward for him, and besides which he already had enough fame and fortune to satisfy the hunger of even the most ambitious of men.

Glory was something for the minor lords and baseborn knights of the land to aspire to. Daeron only craved discovery.

Daeron Targaryen

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