Lord Duncan Reld

Heir to House Reld and leader of the faithful

Agility – 3 Animal Handling – 2 Athletics – 5
Awareness – 3 Cunning – 2(memory 1b) Deception – 1
Endurance – 4 Fighting – 5(Long Swords 4B, shields 1b) Healing – 1
Language – 3 Knowledge – 2 Marksmanship – 2
Persuasion – 4(Convince 2B) Status – 6 Stealth – 2
Survival – 2 Thievery – 2 Warfare – 5(Command 2B, Strategy 1b, Tactics 1b)
Will – 3

Heir, Heirloom, Blood of the Andals(Warfare), Inspiring, Leader of men,
|Cruel Insanity, Haunted, Forgetful|

Intrigue Defense – 11
Composure – 9

Combat Defense – 11(without Armor)/9(full Plate Armor and Large shield)
Health – 12

Weapon – Long Sword(heirloom) Salvation, Large Shield

First born son to Lord Edwin Reld, Duncan’s earliest years were spent that like most other boys his age, dreaming about being a knight and fighting evil monsters, or saving beautiful ladies. He played a loving and caring brother to Justin before he was taken as a ward to Dragonstone, and the twins. His mother cared for him like all mothers do, although he shared no resemblance to the silver hair and purple eyes of his mother. His father was no more harsh on him than any of the other children, but he simply had different standards for young Duncan. At the age of 7 he began training with a swords, for it was the houses legendary weapon, so that by the time he became a young man there were very few people in the castle who surpassed his martial skill. He was also taken away from academic studies that were more rounded and pushed primarily towards historical studies of past lords and military studies. His father was very rigid with him, but it was just to make sure his heir was more than ready to play his part when the time came. People that came to know Duncan would say he was a kind soul, whom had a soft spot for all living things in the world. He was known to stay by the sickbeds of anyone whom he knew at least somewhat well until they started to feel better. He loved playing with his younger siblings even when they were barely able to walk, and it was know that he would spend time amongst commoner’s children learning all sorts of games of mischief. As he grew up he had a couple of short lived passions, one with a clansmen’s daughter named Shiva. Nothing serious ever came out of it, it seemed mostly to just be that the two loved to compete with one another. Lady Jasmine Velaryon came the day Duncan’s younger brother Justin was taken as a ward to Dragonstone. In the few days she stayed at The Phoenix’s Rise, Duncan fell head over heels for her, doing whatever he could to please her, even playing the fiddle, a hobby he continues to this day. Though the time was brief, it seemed perfect to him and he had wished it would never end. After she left he did seem troubled for a bit but as time passed it seemed to all be forgotten to most. He may still carry feelings for this woman, but since he has not seen her in such a long time no one can truly say. During the defeat they suffered from the lords of the Eyrie, after they showed their support for Rhaeygar, Duncan was tossed over a cliff with his horse into a rushing river. Pronounced dead at the fight, a sudden grief set on the lands of Phoenix’s Rise, and his lord farther could hardly sustain the loss. Little to everyone’s knowledge, Duncan was washed up further down the river, where he was taken captive by some clansmen. Although they usually were not big on taking slaves, they saw the usefulness in a man his size and and put him to work doing back breaking labor they all hated to do. He spent several months being demeaned and borderline tortured in the clansmen’s hands until an unlikely ranger came upon the band of savages and managed to save Duncan, later on realizing who he was. The two became close friends in there travels across the rugged terrain of the mountains of the moons.

Most would tell you before the war started, Duncan was a kind gentle soul who would do whatever he could to help someone, no matter who they were. But upon his return it was not hard to see the new steely disposition he took on after suffering from the clansmen. Although still a good lord and commander, Duncan’s kindness has been replaced by a very strict justice. He has set out to bring all clansmen he found either into the faith and his society…or removed from the land. He has shown a new demand of strength from his people and is not one to except failure in anyway. Those closest to him will know that this cold blooded attitude comes from a bitter taste of how cruel all people can be, and that deep down a very caring boy still lives.

Lord Duncan Reld

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